Vivo, is it organic?

We love organic food and always choose it over conventional.

Not only is it MUCH more packed with nutrition, especially the minerals, so lacking in a modern diet, its also free of poisons like herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

Vivo pizza is always partly organic at the least, sometimes all organic. We really do prefer local, seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible!

We source a lot of our dry ingredients from certified organic sources. We work directly with local certified organic farmers to ensure a regular supply of high quality produce.

Due to limited demand, crop failure or other reasons beyond our control occasionally we sometimes use conventional produce. When this is the case we try to use varieties that require lower chemical inputs and always ensure produce is meticulously washed before use.

By the way, that picture above is our front garden, and sometimes those herbs and greens land up on your Vivo Pizza as well as our dinner plate!

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