Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Vivo Pizza.
Because this pizza is for everyone, there can be a lot of questions!

How can healthy be so tasty?

Because firstly we make really delicious food. We don’t compromise on ingredients or the time needed to make the best. We always prefer fresh, local, organic and seasonal produce, this gives us a big head start when it comes to flavour.We understand that superior flavour comes from superior ingredients, freshness and not tampering too much. Lots of our produce is picked on the organic farm, prepared and on your Vivo Pizza within a day! We play in the kitchen tirelessly until our marinades and sauces are simply the best, both in flavour and in nutritional profile.

Where can I get it?

Cape Town, South Africa, another first for Africa!
All orders come to us and then we deliver your Vivo Pizza free of charge to any one of our Cape Town collections points. We cover from Tokai in the  south up to the City bowl, and most areas in between. Our collection points are shops and health/healing centres. Full list of collection points here.

How do I order and pay?

Online orders are very quick and easy.

1) Select which Friday you are ordering for, only one topping per Friday is available.

2) From the drop down menu, choose your local collection point and pizza size.

3) Under the drop down menus, choose how many pizzas you want, click ‘Add to cart’.

4) Click on the cart, check your order, you can change your order at this point. Proceed to checkout.

5) You will be directed to our secure Webcash server. Choose your preferred payment method, either Credit/Debit card or instant EFT.

6) Complete the simple payment process and you will then be redirected back to our site.

We will immediately email you confirmation of your order (this is also your invoice), please check the details.

Order now here

Phone orders are also accepted from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Where is the toppings menu?

OK, so we’ll come clean, there isn’t one. We make a whole range of fabulous Vivo toppings, but we only offer a choice of two per week. Our perennial favorite ‘The Great Greek’ is available every week, always accompanied by another seasonal gem. All our toppings are so divine and can be eaten by anyone, we are sure you will love our weekly choice. Our toppings change each week as the seasonal produce from our organic farms changes. This way we can ensure you are eating the best local, seasonal and organic Vivo toppings, every single week. Sign-up for our weekly email, we will notify you of the toppings for each week as well as regular special offers and giveaways to those on the list. Order this weeks pizza here.

Why is it gluten-free?

Gluten is found in several grains but is found in the highest quantities in wheat flour that is hybridised, refined and white . Gluten is great if you want to make a light white loaf of bread that’s mostly air and water. That’s great for profits too as water and air are free! Gluten is the glue that allows carbon dioxide to create bubbles in the loaf. Unfortunately gluten can literally glue up your intestines, slowing digestion to a crawl, causing constipation as well as reducing your ability to absorb nutrients. We find when we DONT eat gluten, we are faster, more energized and sleep less. This is what Vivo Pizza is about! People with digestive disorders, chronic constipation, celiac or general gluten intolerance can’t eat gluten containing products.
Vivo Pizza is about LIFE and is for EVERYONE.

Why is it dairy free?

Many people who are overcoming health issues or are looking to optimise their diet for long-term health and energy are finding dairy (milk, cheese and yogurt) can be a problem they are better off without. For the increasing numbers of people wanting to avoid dairy, finding really tasty alternatives is welcome. Modern processed dairy foods can cause increased inflammation, excess mucus production and are questionable from a sustainability and animal welfare perspective. Specific nutrients found in dairy foods such as Calcium can all be found in more bio-available forms, in higher concentrations in plant-based foods such as sesame seeds.
Find out how we make our delicious creamy ‘cheeze’ for Vivo Pizzas further down.

What else is it free of?

Our kitchen is strictly vegetarian and free of all animal products apart from honey. We never use canned or other pre cooked ingredients, we don’t cook any ingredients. We don’t use any refined or processed oils (cold pressed and mostly organic oils are used). We don’t use any refined sugars. No artificial additives EVER, that’s colourings, preservatives, emulsifiers, flavourings etc are all OFF the menu!

Does it contain nuts, and other allergens?

Nuts. Yes, all Vivo pizzas do contain nuts. We generally use fresh premium Cashew nuts to make our delicious nut cheeze. We are able to make a Vivo pizza without nut cheeze, please call us for special orders. HOWEVER we cannot guarantee any Vivo pizza to be free of nuts, if you have a severe nut allergy, we are sorry, it’s not for you.

Gluten. We do not add any gluten containing ingredients to Vivo pizzas. However we do occasionally use sprouted rye and wheat in our kitchens, and for this reason we can’t guarantee our Vivo pizza to be entirely free.

Honey. We do not add any honey to Vivo pizzas. However we do use honey in our kitchens, therefore if you suffer a severe allergy we cant guarantee to be entirely free.

Is it Vegetarian, Vegan?

All Vivo Pizzas are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Our kitchens are strictly vegetarian and Dairy free. We do however from time to time use Honey (not a Vegan product) in our kitchens, but never in Vivo Pizzas.

What is in the Base?

Our bases are made with seeds, a mixture of buckwheat and flax. Buckwheat is not related to Wheat at all and is actually a gluten-free seed, it has a great nutritional profile that we improve further by careful sprouting. After a couple of days of sprouting the buckwheat has even better digestibility too. We then add freshly ground flax seeds, which are high in omega oils and digestive fiber, a little onion, spring water and natural salt. We mix this into a ‘batter’ that is then immediately dried at around 45 deg to produce a Vivo Pizza base.

So why the hole in the middle?

Vivo Pizza is ‘holier than thou’ but devilishly delicious! We use specialised equipment to gently dehydrate our bases at a carefully controlled temperature. This ensures you get the best taste and nutrition from our sprouted grains and seeds. Our dehydrator machines have a hole in the middle to vent the damp air away from the bases as they gently dry.

What's in the Cheezy sauce?

We blend only the freshest nuts we can find, with spring water, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and natural salt. We generally use cashew nuts to make our delicious nut cheeze.

Is it organic?

Always partly organic at the least, sometimes all organic. We really do prefer local, seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible! We source most of our dry ingredients from certified organic sources. We work directly with local certified organic farmers to ensure a regular supply of high quality produce. Due to limited demand, crop failure or other reasons beyond our control occasionally we use conventional produce. When this is the case we try to use varieties that require lower chemical inputs and always ensure produce is meticulously washed before use.

Where do you buy your veggies?

Much of our fresh produce is sourced from organic farms around Cape Town. We deal direct with the farmers and build up relationships with them to ensure regular supply of the best produce possible. We also deal with some small non-certified but growing organically farmers and gardeners. These smaller scale farmers often have very high organic standards but certification is not possible due to the small volumes they produce. Where no other organic option is available we occasionally use conventional produce, either from farms direct or from the markets. We sometimes also use organic produce from our own garden or the gardens of our friends too!

Why can't I get my Vivo Pizza in the next 45 minutes?

Vivo Pizza is a slow food! For example, with the whole sprouting of grains and slow drying our bases take around three days to make. The majority of our toppings are made fresh for your Vivo Pizza in our kitchens, we don’t just buy them in from a wholesaler canned! We plan meticulously to ensure we keep plentiful fresh stock but to ensure freshness and the perfect Vivo Pizza we need some time. We love it when you pre-order the day before or even order way in advance. Our website allows you to pre-order Vivo’s up to a week in advance.

Where can I get more information on raw food?

Vivo Pizzas were developed and produced by the experienced folk over at Earthshine. They have been teaching people how to make original, easy and delicious raw food for years now. Over at their website you will find free recipes and information, as well as a whole raft of amazing and unique products and ingredients, all great value too.

Why is it raw?

When we cook food, nutrients are lost. By some estimations, 100% of enzymes are lost, around 70% of vitamins, and even minerals can become more difficult to assimilate.
The nutrients available to our bodies affects our health and wellbeing in profound ways. For example, if we are deficient in certain fatty acids our brains cant function correctly and we become depressed. Enzymes are used in a myriad of bodily functions and cooked food contain almost none.
By eating some raw plant foods in our daily diet we can boost out nutritional intake and improve our immunity, digestion, energy levels, loose unwanted weight and experience an improved sense of wellbeing.

Can I heat it?

We prepare your Vivo Pizza at under 45 degrees to ensure the best taste and nutritional value. We don’t recommend excessive heating and we eat ours from the box at room temperature.
If you do want to warm it, warm your oven on to 50 degrees for 5 min, turn off it off and pop your Vivo Pizza onto a low shelf for 5 to 10 minutes until warmed. Please note, some of our Vivo pizzas are unsuitable for heating due to heat sensitive ingredients such as fresh sprouts.

How long will it keep?

We prepare your Vivo Pizzas fresh and for best flavour and nutrition we recommend eating within one day of delivery. Please treat your Vivo Pizza like a salad and store covered (in its box is fine) in the fridge.
Some Vivo Pizzas have been known to still be delicious a day or two from delivery.