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Why is Vivo raw?

Books have been written about this, but in a nutshell…

When we cook food, nutrients are lost.

By some estimations, 100% of enzymes are lost, around 70% of vitamins, and even minerals can become more difficult to assimilate.

The nutrients available to our bodies affects our health and wellbeing in profound ways. For example, if we are deficient in certain fatty acids our brains can’t function correctly and we become depressed. Enzymes are used in a myriad of bodily functions and cooked food contain almost none.

By eating some raw plant foods in our daily diet we can boost out nutritional intake and improve our immunity, digestion, energy levels, loose unwanted weight and experience an improved sense of wellbeing.

That’s a few good reasons for Vivo being raw, Oh, and it tastes GREAT!

For easy plant based recipes and ideas check out Easy Living Food, written for South Africa!

Vivo, is it organic?

We love organic food and always choose it over conventional.

Not only is it MUCH more packed with nutrition, especially the minerals, so lacking in a modern diet, its also free of poisons like herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

Vivo pizza is always partly organic at the least, sometimes all organic. We really do prefer local, seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible!

We source a lot of our dry ingredients from certified organic sources. We work directly with local certified organic farmers to ensure a regular supply of high quality produce.

Due to limited demand, crop failure or other reasons beyond our control occasionally we sometimes use conventional produce. When this is the case we try to use varieties that require lower chemical inputs and always ensure produce is meticulously washed before use.

By the way, that picture above is our front garden, and sometimes those herbs and greens land up on your Vivo Pizza as well as our dinner plate!

Vivo pizza base is also a bread…

We are exited since offering our Vivo pizza bases on the website the last few weeks quite a few of you are enjoying them at home, not only as pizza bases!

They are easy to store in the freezer and use for you own pizza creations or simply as a delicious raw gluten free flat bread.

We have been loving sandwiches made with our Vivo flat bread the last few weeks, our favourite is with a little Vegan cheese, lots of fresh tomato, lettuce from the garden, salt and pepper, perfect easy lunch!

In case you didn’t know, our bases are made with seeds, a mixture of buckwheat and flax.

Buckwheat is not related to Wheat at all and is actually a gluten-free seed, it has a great nutritional profile that we improve further by careful sprouting.

After a couple of days of sprouting the buckwheat has even better digestibility too. We then add freshly ground flax seeds, which are high in omega oils and digestive fiber, a little onion, spring water and natural salt. We mix this into a ‘batter’ that is then immediately dried at around 45 deg to produce a Vivo Pizza base. The vast majority of our seeds are from certified organic sources.

Find our more, and get great deals on seeds and other ingredients in bulk on the earthshine webshop.