Delicious new taste sensation

Vivo Pizza is a delicious taste sensation for Cape Town. Using the best quality wholesome ingredients we craft a unique takeaway that is for everyone!

Vivo’s are pre-ordered and then conveniently delivered to a collection point in your area every Friday.

We prepare just one perfect seasonal topping per week.

Toppings include: classic greek with lashings of basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and olives, Moroccan spicy marinaded vegetables, spring will see local organic marinaded asparagus and on special occasions we offer a dessert pizza with raw cacao mouse, macadamia cream and superfoods!

Live raw food, packed with flavour

We not only create taste sensations, Vivo Pizzas are a powerhouse of goodness. We achieve this by using specialized low temperature techniques (below around 43 degrees) to ensure vitamins, minerals and enzymes are in abundance. This also ensures the most flavoursome of experiences! Vivo’s therefore taste best eaten at room temperature.

We prefer local, seasonal & organic ingredients

Organic, local and seasonal ingredients are our preferred starting point. We work directly with local organic farmers and producers to ensure the best possible ingredients, for you and the planet.

We DONT use wheat, gluten or dairy, refined carbs, trans-fats, artificial additives or animal products in Vivo pizza’s.

See our ingredients policy here.

Feel light, naturally free of wheat & gluten

Our thin seeded bases are homemade to our unique recipe. Free of Gluten, high in omega oils and dehydrated slowly to preserve their goodness. The base is topped with our sundried tomato paste and a bed of juicy greens, before adding our cashew cheese and other toppings.

Bases-nutritional info

Everyone loves our cashew cream cheeze, dairy free

Our delicious cashew cream cheese is made from the very freshest Cashew nuts we can find. Our cheeze is free from dairy and is combined with the special seasonal toppings of the week.

Cheeze-nutritional info

Full pizza easily feeds three!

Vivo Pizzas are big and for sharing! Due to its high nutritional density, 30cm base, and very generous toppings we find that one Vivo Pizza feeds around three adults. For those of you who are not ‘around three adults’ we offer a half Vivo, more than enough for one and great as a light meal for two. Same great toppings just half the size.

Collection points across Cape Town

Every Friday we deliver all over Cape Town. We are open over holidays. Click here for a full list of collection points and delivery times.

Vivo Pizza is a fresh raw food product and we it deliver cool!

Guaranteed money back if not totally satisfied

Vivo’s are a love affair. We are 100% committed to making the most delicious creations with the very best quality ingredients we can find. If for any reason you are less than delighted, please let us know so we can improve, and we will gladly refund you.

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