Why is Vivo raw?

Book have been written about this, but in a nutshell…

When we cook food, nutrients are lost.

By some estimations, 100% of enzymes are lost, around 70% of vitamins, and even minerals can become more difficult to assimilate.

The nutrients available to our bodies affects our health and wellbeing in profound ways. For example, if we are deficient in certain fatty acids our brains can’t function correctly and we become depressed. Enzymes are used in a myriad of bodily functions and cooked food contain almost none.

By eating some raw plant foods in our daily diet we can boost out nutritional intake and improve our immunity, digestion, energy levels, loose unwanted weight and experience an improved sense of wellbeing.

That’s a few good reasons for Vivo being raw, Oh, and it tastes GREAT!

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