Free Vivo’s! We want to hear from you…

Eating out healthily in Cape Town has been getting easier and easier over the last couple of years.

We want to hear your experience and we will be giving away FREE VIVO PIZZAS to some of the lucky contributors 🙂

What are your favorite restaurants, cafes and takeaways?
What is important to you when eating out/takeaways?
* Gluten free?
* Dairy free?
* Vegan options?
* Raw options?
* Fresh juices?
* Great salads?
* Organic Wines?

We are writing a guide to healthy eating out in Cape Town, we have our favorite spots, what are yours?

Email us at info @ with your contributions, sending us:
* Your name
* Your suggestions
* Why are they healthy?
* What are you looking for when eating out?


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6 Responses to “Free Vivo’s! We want to hear from you…”

  1. Michelle says:

    Well to be honest i have not had your Divine looking pizza’s yet,really would like to give them a go,im sure that they are ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!!!!! I have been a Vegetarian most of my life and i have turned Vegan for about 2 months now and i do love pizza and miss them too.
    And your pizza’s are Vegan,cant wait to to take a bite and let my taste buds take over,oh my Gosh my mouth is watering just talking about it……
    Where can one win the pizza give away.
    And where would one enter.


    • Noel says:

      Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment. If you check out the post above your will see we are looking for info on what YOU are looking for when you eat out, wheat free, salad options? What is it that interests you when it comes to healthy eating out?
      Let us know and you can win free Vivo’s, you can order on the home page to give them a try in the meantime 🙂

  2. Shelley Swart says:

    I have been lucky to have tasted your awesome PIZZA and wow…. my entire family loved it, they could not tell me exactly why but we can all say its refreshing and different! Besides being so much healthier I really enjoyed it. I wish there where more places that could sell pizza’s like this as I would order one at a restaurant and not an oily, fatty and cheezy pizza that is going to pile on the fat and extra calories.

  3. Kari says:

    I’ve discovered Out The Box takeaways which has some amazing veggie options and the BEST veggie burger I have ever tasted! Their service is slick and personal and they operate from Wynberg and Rondebosch. Highly recommended.

  4. Siyasanga says:

    I’m looking for healthier versions of the indulgent foods. Burgers with grilled julienne veggies, Ice cream, Sushi with no rice and ofcourse pizza! i’m not a fan of raw food, so it has tobe cooked. It’s pretty hard as I do not know any healthy food places around Claremont.

  5. Talita says:

    Hi there

    I am vegan and love colcaccio. They stock gluten free pizzas and pasta and their vegetarian pizzas can be made vegan by simply leaving out the cheese. They are so generous with their toppings that I don’t miss the cheese at all! Their pesto is also vegan which makes their pesto pasta with mediterranean roasted veggies delicious! I only came across your website today – can’t wait to give your pizzas a try!



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